Allison boxed set special - ALL 3 DVDs for $50.00


Allison's first SandLmodels DVD! ALLDVD001

She starts out shy with some implied topless but quickly warms up to FULL TOPLESS in her first video ever with SandLmodels. Lots of views of Ally's beautiful breasts! In studio. 1 hour


Allison's second SandLmodels DVD! ALLDVD002

Several swimsuits outside in various Florida beach locations and 3 outfits inside. Includes one set with close ups of Ally's BARE BEHIND when she sheds her panties! Lots of views of Ally's beautiful breasts! Mostly outside. 1 hour


Allison's third SandLmodels DVD! ALLDVD003

This video starts with Ally sitting next to a window talking to you and telling you a little bit about herself. Includes close-ups, lots of topless sets, Ally's nurse uniform and Celeste and Allison attempting to workout! Lots of fun! In studio. 1 hr.

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DISCLAIMER: All models were over 18 years old at the time they were photographed.